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Aleksandr Solodyankin

Their integrity is beyond compare, while I was waiting for them to finish examining my car, I was able to listen to Mike's conversations over the phone, he'll spend an extra 30 minutes to make sure to get you the best price for the part they need to fix your car. They are here to make the customers happy and the cars work. Everything is at a fair price. They have tons of awards for best customer satisfaction. I never thought I'd go to a car shop that isn't from a close friend, but my car happened to break down right by their shop, so I went. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Uncle Lar

Have been taking cars to Mechanics Pride for a very long time. Work has included engine replacements, cams, transmissions and the minor things like oil changes. No actual problems including the major work. Found pricing fair for the quality of work. In short, excellent value.

Joshua Hoyer

We have been customers of Mechanics Pride for a few years, with two different cars. Recently we had an oil change on our newer car right before moving to Oregon. Unfortunately, a new mechanic had replaced the oil filter with the wrong one. After a week or so of unknowingly driving with rapidly draining oil, the engine seized up. We were told by a local mechanic that we needed a new engine, but to contact Mechanics Pride to ask about the oil filter, because it was just barely hanging on by a thread. After Mike looked into it, he discovered the error, acknowledged the mistake, and took every step necessary to get us a new engine and a rental car while we waited for the repairs. We were blown away by the honesty and responsibility shown by Mechanics Pride. While it was unfortunate that this had happened, my wife and I are still highly satisfied by their work. All other repairs and maintenance they have performed have been exemplary. I would recommend them to anyone needing repairs and maintenance in Spokane.

Jorge Evans

I found Mechanic's Pride when I first moved to Spokane two years ago. I had driven across the country and blew out a radiator a few days after I arrived. Mike at Mechanic's Pride was very helpful in letting me know what was wrong, what needed to be done, and what would need to be done in the future (i.e. other possible problems he noticed). Their fair price and service won me over. I've gone there since I've lived here. Now I'm moving back east and needed to get my truck looked at before the drive (oil, filter, fluids, etc.). I called on a Thursday and got an appointment for Friday morning. Took it in and two hours later the truck had a clean bill of health. What amazes me is that they took the time to inspect things and didn't try to push for extras. I've known mechanics to always push for a fan belt replacement since it's an easy buck, but they were honest with me. I fully endorse and recommend this shop. I wish I could take them with me when I move east. It's hard to find a good mechanic and Spokane has one of the best crews I've ever known.

Jonathan Lee

My wife and I moved up to Spokane in September of 2013, and when we were looking for a new mechanic, we found Mechanics Pride. They're absolutely fantastic! We used to take our car to CARMAX while we were in CA, but Mechanics Pride has not only been fast and cheap, but everything works great. Their staff is knowledgeable and explained to me why our brakes were squeaking, and that it wasn't a bad thing. They didn't try to sell me new brake pads, but they were just trying to give us as much information as possible.

Samie Jean Beardall

The guys at Mechanic's Pride were fantastic. They were upfront, kind, and explained everything very thoroughly. I really appreciated how honest they were and their professionalism. I'm the kind of girl that mechanics will usually try to take for a ride and try to get much more money out of me than my car actually needs, but they actually fixed me car for much less than the dealership wanted and made sure that I was safe in my vehicle. I will not be going anywhere else in the future!!