Specials & Coupons

Cooling System Flush

Includes flushing the radiator, check thermostat, belts & hoses and check for rust. Add up to 1gal of new anti-freeze, most cars and light trucks. If special anti-freeze is needed, additional $20.

Brake Special

Replace brake pads or brake shoes / resurface drums and rotors / inspect hydraulic components / flush and bleed brake fluid. Ceramic brake pads included if needed.

* Brake Special is for most cars and light trucks - 4x4's, 3/4 tons, and heavy duty trucks extra.

Transmission Service

Transmission Service is very important around 30,000 miles or sooner. It depends on your driving habits. This service includes: remove pan, replace filter and gasket, and add new transmission fluid. Synthetic fluid and specialty transmission fluid is extra. A full transmission flush is extra.

Computerized 4-Way Wheel Alignment

Most 4 wheel drive, 1 ton, 3/4 ton and 1/2 ton trucks. Also, all front wheel drive or rear wheel drive cars.

Oil Changes - Most cars and light trucks

  • Conventional-$34.99 plus tax (up to 5qts)
  • Synthetic-$79.99 plus tax (up to 5qts)
  • Diesel and some European vehicles-┬áCall for pricing.

Tune-ups - Most cars and light trucks (6 and 8 cylinder vehicles and platinum plugs slightly higher.)

Complete tune-up includes: Installing spark plugs, checking and setting timing, inspection of all ignition components, inspection of all fluids and filters, inspection of all emission items and testing, inspect entire cooling system and belts. One year or 12,000 mile warrenty. (Transverse engine and platinum plugs slightly higher)

Fuel Injection Service

Includes injection cleaning fluids / full valve and upper intake cleaning. Cleans injectors to manufacturer's specifications. This cleaning process is guaranteed to make your engine run cleaner and smoother and get better mileage. Especially with gas prices as high as they are!

Computer Diagnostics Service

Computer diagnostics are very involved with training and equipment. On your vehicle you have many sensors and relays that are driven by the computer and all the emission items and fuel mixture.

In today's world most vehicles, foreign and domestic, have computer driven engines. The training and equipment are the most important thing you look for when you need this service. We at Mechanics Pride Tire & Automotive, Inc. have that for you and your vehicle. We have ASE certified and AAA approved Master Technicians and the most up-to-date electronic equipment to give your vechicle the best quality service possible.